It’s vital that you identify the core values of your business. What makes it tick? What’s inside it? If it were a person, what characteristics would it have? Kudos Creative can identify the ‘essence’ of your business, and together we can develop a strong brand identity that forms strong foundations on which your business can grow.

Whether you’re a huge global organisation or a small local business, having an effective brand design is vital to your success. It’s how your customers identify and recognise you. In many cases it’s the first thing they notice so getting it wrong could result in that business going elsewhere.

Having a good brand design adds to your credibility and makes your marketing materials more effective through consistency. The trust we all place in a brand makes them exceedingly valuable. We understand that the logo is not the brand itself – it is a promise.

Kudos Creative have the skills, insight and experience required to create the perfect brand for your business.We take time in getting to know your business, to understand your market place and what your objectives are. Only then will we recommend and tailor solutions that are exactly right for your needs and budget.

Our expertise means that we are adept at repositioning an existing brand, or creating a new one from initial conception. By researching current markets and our knowledge of various sectors we are able to develop a brand by designing targeted solutions and adding value to a client’s business, whether it is a large corporation or a small organisation.

Our branding services include;

• Brand Creation (Naming/ Registering and domain name purchase)
• Brand Positioning and Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Visual Expression (the big idea)
• Brand Consistency (creating full and clear guidelines to maintain your brand)

Please contact us for more information about how we can help your business. Or call us on 0759 3333 012