Overdog understand the importance of making the right impressions with the literature and documents you use – from spreadsheets and presentations to reports and tenders.

You only have one chance – so if the document style, look or feel lets you down, it doesn’t matter how good the content may be, it can damage your image. That’s where we can help.

As skilled designers we produce eye-catching documents that get the message across and whilst we prefer to create documents for clients from scratch, we are also flexible enough to join the job half way through.

Our special document creation service covers almost every conceivable item but our most popular items include:

•  Annual reports
•  Business plans
•  Business reports
•  Presentations
•  Sales documents
•  Catalogues and directories
•  Internal / external newsletters
•  Product portfolios
•  Curriculum vitae
•  Books and albums
•  Photobooks

The tailored document creation services we provide include:

•  Creative design
•  Copy writing
•  Luxury printing
•  Collating
•  Binding
•  Finishing
•  Packaging
•  Distribution

We’ll listen carefully to understand your precise requirements and will marry this to our creative skills to create documents of the highest quality.

You can be assured that the documents we create are worth the investment, are instantly recognisable and most importantly, are truly memorable – helping you to get your important messages across to the people that matter.

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